yesterday we went to clark fork city church where they had some really good music during their worship service. one of the songs they sang was written by their worship leader, jon meek, titled jeshua meshiac (literally, “jesus messiah”). the song had a great line in the chorus that went something like, “let us worship as if war.”

i thought this line was really cool. i’m not totally sure why. maybe it is because i really like the war metaphor so much with the christian life. the old testament people of god went through a lot of wars. paul indicates that we too are at war, but it is a spiritual battle and so i think jon meek is on to something as he relates worship to this battle.

and this poses the question of whether or not we worship with the same kind of energy that we would if we were in a literal battle? i sure don’t. i do, however, try to get my kids to sit still during the worship service with an energy and fervency reminiscent of impending battle!

anyway, we liked a lot of what was happening at clark fork. this church recently lost their pastor to cancer about a month ago and are carrying on in spite of their loss. it is cool to see that this church is more than just a dynamic leader. i think this is a church we would go back to and would like to get to know better.