I’ve decided to begin reading through the gospel of John with the intent of finding as many illustrations of the gospel as I can. You may be wondering why I would do this (it seems to be a pretty closed minded way of reading a book of the Bible and may be dangerously close to reading something into John that isn’t actually there) and why choose the book of John?

I’ll try to explain by answering that second question first. In my opinion, of the four gospels, John is the most artistic and descriptive. In fact, John seems to invite the reader to do exactly what I am attempting to do just in the way he structures his book and the stories he tells about Jesus. The other reason I’m doing this is so I’ll have concrete stories from the life of Jesus to use in conversations with people who don’t believe in him because people often ask questions and it would be nice to have actual texts to refer to.

The other reason – the more complicated reason – is that I believe we need to read the entire Bible through a “gospel lens.” If all of Scripture (as Luke 24 seems to argue) is summed up in the death and resurrection of Christ and therefore points to the fact that Christ was cast out of the city of God that we might be brought in (i.e. the gospel) then this fact should be the lens by which we read everything through.

Hopefully, this will make more sense as I actually blog about my reading. I’m going to try to keep these short in hopes that they might benefit others as well. They will be filed under the “gospel” tag.