Hiring, Firing, and Board Meltdowns

  1. Some principles for setting up the board…
    • Don’t invite non members to the meeting unless the whole board has discussed the necessity of their presence.
    • Board members should have influence, affluence and a particular skill set. They should not be chosen simply because they have been faithfully attending.
    • The board should have terms
    • You need to have a “team” dynamic and work to create intimacy.
  2. Some principles for firing/hiring…
    • There needs to be some evaluation system so that the person is never blind-sided.
    • There has to be truth and clarity
    • It’s important to have a process that people know up front.

Gary Hamel – Manage Differently Now

The most important question for any church is “are you changing as fast as the world around you?” Since 1990 the number of Americans who claim “no religious affiliation” has quadrupled.

Churches tend to get stuck in one model and when things change and the model stops working, churches tend to atrophy. The 2nd law of thermodynamics applies to organizations – “organizational entropy”. How do you overcome the gravitational pull of the past? 4 key imperatives for outrunning change:

  1. Overcome the temptation to take refuge in denial. Every organization is successful until it is not! Denial has a familiar pattern – 1) Dismiss 2) Rationalize 3) Mitigate 4) Confront.
    • Face the facts – find the most discomforting facts you can find and share them with everyone. Don’t pretend there is an easy solution.
    • Be flexible with everything that is changeable.
    • Listen to the renegades – they see what’s coming.
  2. Generate more strategic strategies and new ideas
  3. Demonstrate what you already do
  4. No top down, autocratic culture.
    • When the mental models of the leadership team depreciate, but they still have all the power, there is extreme danger for the organization. This is why you bring in an outsider to make change.
    • Change comes from the bottom up, not top down.