Jessica Jackley
A Leadership Case Study: the KIVA Story

She’s founder of – very interesting website and idea. This was an interview style. She grew up in Pittsburgh in a Presbyterian Church. Kiva works with micro-finance lenders to provide them with funds to give to the poor entrepreneurs.

Here’s how KIVA works – a person needs an average of $500 – $600 to start their business. Ordinary people lend an average of $100 and then the entrepreneur repays it typically over a period of 6-9 months. The repayment rate right now on the Kiva loan is 98.5%. The person lending and the entrepreneur are both of aware of the other.

It’s been 4 years – it has evolved somewhat during that time. 7 entrepreneurs and $3000 during the beta run. Today Kiva loans almost $5 Million per month!

Harvey Carey
Against All Odds

Ephesians 4:11-16

There’s a difference between “po” and “poor.” We looked up to poor people b/c they had the “o” and the “r.” He’s the founding pastor of the Citadel of Faith Covenant Church in Detroit – it is the poorest state in the union and the poorest zip code in the US. He’s in the poorest zip code in the poorest city in the poorest state in the US.

What do you do when faced against unsurmountable odds. You’ve got to believe that God’s word is true. When the odds are against us, God can shine the most. God is getting ready to show out – this is why we have a global economic crisis.

This text is important – God gives the church leaders. They’ve been placed in the church to equip. Instead we believe that we must hire or staff people in order to do ministry. Instead we are to staff people in order to equip. Members must take ownership of the work. The way to do this is to genuinely engage them in the work – they need the opportunity to be connected or be involved.

Your biggest and most opportune time for impact is prime time – SUNDAY. They don’t know what Sunday is going to be – we don’t announce it or they won’t come! We go out on Sundays. We spend time teaching on what we’re about to do and then we go AND DO IT! They do what’s called “Urban Camping”. Everyone loves camping. Black people don’t like to go in the woods anyway! They find the crack house or the most dangerous house and they take the men in the church – no one buys drugs while that’s happening. They shut down 8 of the roughest drug houses on a Sunday.

How does this apply to your situation. The thing that cripples us most is fear. What is the cause in your city that needs your church? You can make a difference. No matter what your scenario is, God is challenging you to move beyond your comfort zone. They delivered bibles to everyone in their zip code – ON SUNDAY MORNING!

Most leaders have the “paralysis of analysis” – you think too much. We don’t see the power of God as real because we don’t create a context for the text to be real. God will provide – when are we going to believe it? Will you leave this summit saying “God has challenged me to make a difference as a leader”?

Detroit has more churches per capita than any city in the US and yet it is one of the darkest cities in the US. There’s something wrong with that.

This guy was off the hook. Seriously provoking and engaging.