These 2 brothers have 2 books, Made to Stick and Switch (which is coming out soon). This is an interview by Craig Groeschel.

Successful change comes when the leader is able to convince everyone else that change is necessary. When you find a bright spot, you study it and clone it. If this is “big problems are rarely solved with big solutions, but instead they are solved by a series of small solutions…big problems, small solutions.” You have to shrink the change.

Whatever it is that you want to change or begin, then find a way to shrink the change. As you consider the small thing that you want to do and feel yourself getting encouraged and motivated, that’s a sign that you are moving in the right direction. If you get demoralized and defeated or overwhelmed, that’s a sign that you haven’t shrunk the change small enough.

The way that you get stronger is not by avoiding failure – you actually have to work up to failure. In weight training you work up to failure. It’s the same principle in leadership – failure might be an early sign of success.